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Sourcing the right people for over 25 years

Talent Search:

“the active pursuit and assimilation of key personnel from management up to Board level, through a search methodology.”

Why actively search for talent?

Bottom Line:

Pro-active employers obtain the best talent, first, through search.

Our search methodology predicts a person’s performance before employment and is 4 times more accurate than interviews.

Plus we guarantee it for one year.

4 Reasons why clients choose us:

  1. Expertise: We know your business and work with numerous multi-national companies around the world.
  2. We speak your language: We work in multiple languages in numerous cultures across many industries.
  3. 1 year guarantee: We can afford to give a one year guaranty on our work because our methodology predicts a candidate's performance before you employ them. This lowers your risk when employing people.
  4. The Marriage and the wedding: Matching suitable employees to employers (the wedding) is great but we're also interested in what follows (the marriage).

That’s why we offer a variety of leadership development and Enhanced Performance© programs that increase a person's productivity on the job, in real time.
But why wait?

Our Succeed Before You Start: 100 day action plan for new leaders© is a talent assimilation program that increases a person’s productivity before their first day on the job. We show you how to accomplish in 100 days what used to take 12 months

That ensures a great wedding and marriage.

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