CORUF - Central Otago Recreational Users Forum

Central Otago Hills

Activities from 2016

LINZ closure of access on land it administers between Home hills road and Falls dam
  • Mt. Dasher station Tenure review
  • Mt Creighton Tenure Review: (This is a big area of land and the proposed public access to the new Conservation area was totally inadequate to be helpful to the different recreational groups who may wish to recreate there.)
  • Issues around access for dogs over Braemar Station easement to the Braemar Conservation area. (outside our area but affecting Central recreation users --internet information was incorrect)
  • Closed Accesses to Pisa range: (This has caused issues for those arriving to find access is closed. We are keeping in touch with WANZ and DOC over this situation)
  • Discusions with DOC over the type of access available to Lauder Conservation area
  • Questions had been raised from hunters regarding helicopter culling of deer in Central Otago
  • It was reported to CORUF that DOC has signed off a new track extension from Roxburgh Gorge trail to flat top hill.
  • Alan attended Anne Bower talk on Tenure review
  • Inquiry from NZDA (New Zealand Deerstalkers Association) re; our work on, and the outcome of the proposed paper road closure on Moutere station.
  • Access issues during Tenure Reviews.(It appears NZDA are becoming aware of access issues to new conservation areas)
  • Contact was made with the Queenstown group thinking of forming a group such as ours to look after the recreational issues in their area .This came about mainly because of access issues to the Remarkable Ski area.

    Activities from 2015

  • Lack of adequate Public access is still our main concern during Tenure Reviews. Having few public access easements tends to confine different recreational groups wishing to enjoy there own experience to be confined within close range of others. Often there is no consideration allowing for more access easements especially where there are real physical barriers restricting user spread. This means hunters are going to be confined within a rather small area along with other users. This was very evident in the Mt Creighton Proposal.
  • An approach was made to council over the bikers “giveway” sign which was hidden by weeds.
  • Council have included riding rules in a new print which is installed on a noticeboard each end of millenium track
  • Questions have been asked on Poaching issues. So we have asked Toni Velenski Police Preventions Officer to speak at this Forum.
  • Activities from May 2007

    1. The Government's "Walking Access Panel" chaired by John Acland. We read the documents, consulted our members, attended the public meetings held by the Panel, submitted the questionnaire, and have kept in touch with progress.
    2. CORUF Access Forum: speakers from DOC, Council, Public Access NZ, Federated Farmers, in discussion with an audience of recreationalists. Questions, answers, concerns, gripes. There has been a Forum twice yearly since we started in early 2005.
    3. "Recreation Summit: From the Mountains to the Sea", Te Papa, Wellington in September 2006, by DOC Head Office, the Minister of Conservation, and the Sport and Recreation Council. CORUF sent Jenny Simmons, who was the only delegate there from Central Otago. The Summit looked for a 20-year direction for outdoor recreation on public lands in New Zealand, some outcomes have since been received.
    4. Conservation Areas - two-way discussions with the Department of Conservation Area Offices, about such things as signage for hunters, gun and dog access on easements, unacceptable damage done by recreationalists, outcomes of Tenure Review, general principles of public access; off-road vehicle access, and problems associated with that.
    5. Central Otago District Council - we submitted to the District Council's "Long Term Council Community Plan" on behalf of the High Country roading network, and also to the Council planning strategies, Physical Activity Plan; Outdoor Recreation Product Development Strategy; and Tourism Strategy.
    6. Wind Farms - The Central Otago District Council interviewed us as an "interested party", because of the number of wind farms proposed for our mountain ranges. At the Meridian Energy "Project Hayes" hearing we presented on behalf of our members' canvassed opinions:- against the wind farm location, and for the District Council's promised "World of Difference" landscapes. We visited Meridian Energy's White Hills Wind Farm at Mossburn first, to see what one looks like.
    7. High Country Tenure Review - obtained maps and permissions, and drove out to look at access possibilities on the Crown Leases concerned: spoke with the lessees: submitted either to LINZ agents or to DOC's Non-Government Organisation early-warning meetings. We try to support recreational opportunities and access for a wide sector of the populace; care of wild qualities; and responsible use.
    8. Silver Fern Car Rally, October 2006. We submitted against such hard use of heritage roads when they had just came out of "winter closure" and were still soft surfaced. The Council put a weather limit on the Rally, and it snowed anyway. Drove the Old Dunstan Road on a dry day to look it over first.
    9. In Support of: letters of support-in-principle to the Upper Clutha Trails Trust, for the Hawea River Trail and foot/cycle access to the Butterfield reserve: to Otago Fish and Game for their interest in restoring a wetland on the Manorburn delta: and to the Clutha Mata-au River Parkway project, we support the high recreational potential of their proposed Trail and Parkway which will run from Lake Wanaka to the sea, and will sit nicely with the Otago Central Rail Trail as an international and local gem.
    10. Damage to upland wetlands on the Pisa Range. Individuals on bikes ran riot over some extensive moss swamps and scree slopes. We have sent a message that such actions are unacceptable on public land, and on any wild land. It raises the issues of Club membership, the moderating influence of peer pressure, and education in values.
    11. Snow Users Workshop - to discuss the in-common and conflicting views between two user groups, back-country skiers and the snowmobile clubs, on the one snow area. The Workshop was chaired and run independently of the committee, and an agreement reached in courtesy, to try to occupy different parts of the mountain.