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How to Hire a Headhunter: the 10 Right Questions to Ask

By Dr. Duff Watkins

1) What’s your firm’s capacity for research?

If a firm doesn’t have dedicated researchers, a large database, networked computers, and consultants who can think laterally in order to assist you, you’re about to waste your money.

2) What’s your methodology?

Executive search is methodical research. Consultants who don’t use a proven, reliable and successful methodology ought to be avoided.

3) Can I speak with your clients?

Only a customer can tell you what kind of service they’ve received. If a head hunter cannot easily put you touch with satisfied clients, he may not have any.

4) What’s your failure rate?

Head hunters talk about their successes but it’s far more informative to hear them describe their failures (which they all have).

5) Do you work for my competitors?

Search firms cannot work for everyone. If they already work for your competitors it places you at a disadvantage since a head hunter will not approach candidates within client companies.

6) When did you last create a solution for a client?

Executive search is not just filling a vacancy; it’s creatively solving a business problem. If a consultant simply wants to grab the assignment from you and run, then you should grab your wallet and run.

7) Do you know my industry (...or, how quickly can you learn about it)?

The second question is more important than the first. When hiring a head hunter you’re really paying them to objectively analyse your business problem and provide a solution through the recruitment of a specific person. This is not the same as having lots of mates in an industry. Rather it is the ability to learn quickly and think clearly in order to construct business solutions.

8) Can you add value?

Executive search is highly competitive. Does your consultant provide extra services which differentiates him and benefits you?

9) Do you use psychological testing?

It’s statistically proven that you’re 4 times more likely to predict a candidate’s performance if you use psychological assessments. Most search firms don’t. One Managing Director of a local search firm even believes he can intuitively assess other people accurately within minutes of meeting them! Buyer beware...

10) Are fees negotiable?

Everything is negotiable! Especially if you give the head hunter more than one assignment. That reduces their cost of completing the work and gives you leverage with which to negotiate.